When You’re Frustrated with Life and Want Something Better

When I first entered into my relationship with God I came with a lot of baggage from my previous life style. My life didn’t change all at once. Rather it changed very slowly often imperceptively.

In fact to this day, decades later, I still wrestle with some of the same issues. Just ask my wife.

I’ve watched this pattern over and over in the lives of others as well. Their lives truly change but they carry over a lot of bad habits sometimes for a lifetime.

I see a common response from well meaning popular churches.

The pastor preaches on five things to do to fix your marriage. Then next week seven steps to further your career. Then next three steps to stop worrying.

But the problem is we’re trying to fix our lives from the outside in our own power. And frankly it just doesn’t work very well. It can drift into legalism. And sometimes people grow so discouraged they give up thinking, “I just do it all.”

Yet, the good news is God is in the business of changing us from the inside. And when we simply rest in his power it allows him to do just that.