Why are Spiritual Secrets So Hard to Understand?

I often find I have more questions than answers the longer I live this spiritual life. Now maybe I’m a little dense. I’ve been told that on occasion. But I think if we’re honest most of us feel the same way.

When I pastored a church I found this extremely unsettling. I had to come up with a sermon every week to bring spiritual insight. Yet, sometimes I just felt spiritually stupid.

I see a couple of responses pastors fall into.

Some just preach the same three point sermon over and over. New scripture, new stories, same plot. It worked once so they keep dragging it out.

Or the other solution that’s popular today is to focus on a few well traveled how-to verses. Then turn the Bible into a self development handbook.

Yet, the believers often stagnate. And the mysteries of true spiritual growth remain elusive.

I don’t believe that’s what God intended. He meant for us to keep growing closer to him and more into his amazing life.

And I’ve discovered that somehow as I keep turning to him for those insights he gives them but often irritatingly laced with more questions.

Do you ever feel this way?